Captive Shot Blast Retexturing

Process – Textureblast retextures the surface of highways in a continuous computer controlled process. The accuracy is finely controlled by the operator from the on board touch screen computer in the vehicles cab.Captive Shot Blast Retexturing

The operator has a continuous close up view of the blast head and surface from high quality on board cameras.

By using graded steel shot, fired at an optimum velocity, our system will restore the skid resistance properties of roads by reprofiling and abrading the aggregate whilst removing excess binder and detritus from the road surface. By increasing the micro and macro texture the process will restore the skid resistance levels of the road surface to in excess of when the materials were first laid.

Environment – Textureblast is the most environmentally beneficial process on the market. Since its inception, Textureblast Limited has constantly reduced the need for the complete re-installation of new road surfaces by rejuvenating existing carriageways therefore eliminating the need for costly road works and the waste associated with such operations.

The recycled steel shot and dust/debris removed from the surface, is drawn up into the machine where it is separated. The shot being continually recycled while the dust and debris removed is collected in a large sealed container in the rear truck body.The dust/debris which is removed (a mixture of bitumen, aggregate fines and a small amount of iron) is classified under the Waste Management Regulations 1994 as non-hazardous, the same classification as asphalt arisings and is fully recycled by local asphalt plants or local recycling companies.


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