Concrete Retexturing

Process– At Textureblast, we have adapted our asphalt captive shot blast retexturing system for concrete surfaces. By varying the speed of the vehicle, increasing the size of the shot and the velocity at which it is propelled at the surface we are able to achieve a substantial increase in both micro and macro texture.

Some of the advantages of using the shot blast system is that it does not damage or affect the white lines, studs or expansion joints which can be very costly to replace both in price and exposure time on site.

Environment – Our captive shot blast retexturing machine both blasts and recovers the recycled steel shot and the dust/debris from the surface. The steel shot is separated from the concrete dust and re-used whilst the concrete fines are stored ready for recycling where it is used as a filler for DOT Type 1 granular sub-bases.

Griptester A11  

Sand Patch A11  


Concrete retexturing 

Concrete retexturing