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Textureblast Limited takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and to that end we are delighted to be the recipient of several awards applauding our good practice.

–  The company was awarded the Skanska Supply Chain Green Solutions Award 2015/2016 for our innovative system.
–  Textureblast Limited has also received an award in 2016 from the Road Surface Treatment Association in the Environment Innovations category.
–  In an article published in 2011 by the Road Surface Treatments Association, the carbon footprint of retexturing was calculated to be 0.51 kgCO2e/m² compared with Micro Surfacing which was calculated at 2.87 kgCO2e/m². Advancement in our retexturing technology has substantially reduced our carbon footprint significantly since the RSTA published their article.
–  Our water retexturing machine both blasts and recovers the water and detritus thereby eliminating the need for a separate road sweeper to follow on after the initial blasting. This not only reduces our carbon emissions but means that the waste bitumen is instantly removed from the surface and not trafficked back into the carriageway or adjacent water courses.
–  The steel shot used in our Captive Shot Blast Retexturing is 100% recycled steel. The magnetic recovery system used in our process constantly recycles this steel shot further until the particle size is so microscopic that it is beyond further use.
–  Wherever possible, the fines generated by the captive shot blast retexturing process are recycled at local asphalt plants to form new surfacing materials which not only eliminates the need for the waste to be taken to landfill but also reduces the amount of raw materials that must be procured for the manufacturing of new road surfacing products.
–  We monitor very closely advances in our industry pertaining to the environment and pledge to continue to move with the times when it comes to good practice.

Skanska award


Skanska award


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