Hydrotexture Water Retexturing

 – Our purpose built Hydrotexture retexturing machine is specifically designed to remove excess binder from carriageway surfaces.

Common problems such as wheel tracks/rutting, road cambers and various thicknesses of binder are overcome due to the versatility and flexibility of the Hydrotexture retexturing machine.

By altering the flow rates and the pressure, the P200 water retexturing system can be designed to suit the roads characteristics and achieve optimum results.

The removal of excess binder ensures the surface macro texture is restored and by exposing the aggregate, the initial micro texture of the road stone is also recovered. The Hydrotexture retexturing machine is designed to be able to carry out retexturing to the full width of the carriageway or just the wheeltracks as required.

Environment – Our water retexturing machine both blasts and vacuum recovers the water and detritus thereby eliminating the need for a separate road sweeper to follow on after the initial blasting. This not only reduces our carbon emissions but also means that all the waste binder is instantly removed from the surface and not trafficked back into the surface or adjacent water course by vehicle movements on site or when the site has been opened to the general public.

All of the waste water that is recovered is disposed of in an environmentally controlled manner by licensed water treatment plants.

Retexturing Machine 

Road Surface Before And After